Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Cried Yesterday

The mail lady rang my bell yesterday and there was a package from my youngest Grand kids.
 I went up the end of Jan. to babysit them while my Son in law took my daughter away for her birthday.  The kids and I had so much fun going to the library, Mickey Ds, a jumpy place, making cupcakes, cookies, shopping for Mommy's B day presents.  They out did themselves getting mulit colored ear rings, a bright pink bracelets and a glittery key chain.  Aw, the things a 6 year old and a 3 year old pick out are pretty funny.  Now of course Mommy has to wear these things.  Like I told her, suck it up, I did not let them buy the bright pink and orange watch!!!!

When I opened the box this is what I found!

That in itself is so sweet but this book was so cool.  Let me say that the ringtone  on my cell phone is my 3 year old grand daughter's voice singing me " You Are My Sunshine"  I love baby voices and little kids voices.  The way they say things are so cute.  I know some day they will grow up and those voices will be gone forever!!!


 You see the white case along the bottom of the right hand side.  That is a recorder and their voices are recorded on every page.   The oldest one talks then reads the page, the youngest one talks and then makes the sound of the animals on the left page.  Cute,  I mean so cute!!! 

I so wish you could all hear their voices.  I had no idea it would do this when I opened it so it was a surprise!!!
 And then I cried!!!!  Tears of Joy and tears for how proud I am of my daughters and the way they think of other people, including their Mom and Dad!!!  Also for how they are teaching their children  to value other people.  Yes, I am one proud Mom and Grandmother. 

So today I will listen to this sweet book again.
 And tomorrow,
and the day after!!!!!!   and................


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