Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chip or Dale

I love this paper!  It  has a metalic shine to it and is from Reminisce.  So easy and fast to work with.  The title asks the old question of who is who in the chipmunk world.

I used Design Studio and Mickey and Friends for the bottom boarder on this.  I have had DS for a long time and have done very little with it.  I have decided this is the year I will learn!!!!!!!  Thank goodness my friend Megan knows it well and does it so fast.  She is only a phone call away!! Just getting the layers to fit took me 2 hours and lots of questions to the Night Owls on our thread.  I shaded the acorn tops with a Zig marker from my friend Pam.
For the title I went back to one of my first carts, Printing 101 and then did some pen work on them.
Now for the answer to who is who.  This is Dale.  How do I know?  It is all in the way his teeth are spaced!!


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