Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking Back With Love

Today I was looking at the layouts I have created over the years.  Since it is Valentines Day I thought what a great way to spend a few moments. ( or with my amount of scrapbooks an hour)  This layout was created 2 years ago and is very simple but I still love it as it says so much to me and tells the story of a Great Love.

This is my Mother who died 3 years ago with her only great grandson. I had all girls so my Grandson is the only boy in the family. My Mother had only 2 children me and my brother. My brother died when he was in college in a diving accident. This is my fav photo of her and Drew, my Grandson.
 I have had it for a long time and he has one in his room now.  It was what he wanted from her house when he came after she died. He was 9 when she died and the fact that he went to this picture and ask for it touched me so much.   This is for his book. I just wanted him to know and remember how special he was to her. She really loved us all but Drew completed her life again.

Since my Mother's death, I now have 2 Grandsons.  My oldest Daughter remarried after all these years and I got a Grandson and a Grand Daughter.  It is good to be a Grand Mother.

Have a Wonderful Valentines Day everyone.


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