Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Hanging Out

Today was a day just to relax and hang out with my friend Megan and some cute little guys. 
We say we  hang out to scrap but mostly we just solve the World's Problems and catch up on what has been going on.
Since Megan went to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association)  there were a lot of fun things to share and look at.  There are some awful cute lines of paper and embellishments that are coming out soon.  Of course, each catalog had great ideas and pics of layouts and cards.  So many ideas and so little time.
Then there were these cute guys and school to go to plus a " before lunch" play time at the park. 
Perfect sunny day here and warm temps so the park was a great idea.  We are so lucky we live here and not the snowy freezing parts of the country!!!!  I look at pictures of what is happening to the other areas and think how do people do it.   Shoveling snow off of roofs ( had never heard of that until a couple of weeks ago), cars that slid around on the streets and do not stop when the brake is applied, layers and layers of clothes just to keep warm.  I can not imagine what it is really like.

While the boys were suppose to be napping we were going to make cards and get ready for uploading the projects for the Cricut World blog that debuts tomorrow.  Naps did not work out as planned but we (or I should say Megan) found time to work on my blog and turn it into something a lot nicer.  Now the comment section has been changed so you can leave a reply to a comment not just the blog itself.   And you can be notified when someone answers you.  The over all look is much better.  Sort of looks like I know what I am doing.  Do Not Be Fooled!  It was Megan not me.

There is now a link to Cricut World and Megan's blog with more links to follow.  

Tomorrow is the launch of Cricut World blog.  You can find the button on the right.   We hope you find inspiration and ideas!!!   New projects will go up over the next several days!!!!


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