Monday, April 18, 2011

What a great idea!!!

During vacation to Washington DC we spent time with our Air Force Friends and their sweet babies.  Yes, the ones in the pictures.  I learned a lot while there.  Military life takes adjustments and often creative ideas/living.

Here is one I thought was an amazing idea.  A girl our friends know is pregnant with her first child.  Her husband could not be with her when they did the test to find out the sex of the baby.  She came up with the best idea so they could experience this time together.

She had a blue boy item and a pink girl item and a small box in a sack.  She took this with her and had the tech doing the test put the correct item in the box.  She did not look in either the sack or the box until she and her hubby were together.,  How wonderful to be connectd by video phone or skype and find out together!!!!  Or just wait until they were together to discover what they were having.  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mailboxes for Easter

I had made Valentine Mailboxes for my older 4 Grandkids and still had a bunch of mailboxes left.  I thought why not an Easter Mailbox instead of a small Easter Basket from Grandma and Grandpa for my younger 2 Grandkids. 

I cut the base pattern paper to fit the mailbox width wise and then marked the rivet holding the flag on the paper.   A small slit and a hole punch made the perfect shape cut out to fit under the flag rivet. I slid the paper under the rivet and started gluing from there.  The 12 inch paper was 3/4 of an inch to short to go all the way around but I made sure that the opening was in an area where it would be covered by the grass cut out.  I used Aleene's tacky glue and a paint brush to apply the glue to the mailbox, working in sections, starting at the rivet area.  I then  smoothed out the paper with a makeup sponge.

   I decided these needed a bow since they were Easter Mailboxes.  I really liked the look of the bow on these mixed with the pink  braid edging that I have had for years.  
I used Celebrate with a Flourish and just cut it apart to make the scene on the mailbox above.  Added Grass from Plantin Schoolbook and eggs from Doodlecharms and A Child's Year.
This end Grasson this one is cut from Mickey and Friends
and the font on both of these mailboxes if from A Child's Year. 
This scene cut in brown glitter paper  is also from A Child's Life with a few extra eggs from added.  These are going to be filled with chocolate covered peeps that I found while on vacation at THE PEEP STORE.  There is only one store and I was there.  How fun was that!!!