Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hanging Out with my Youngest little Peeps

I am a Grandmother of 6. Ranging from 3 to 17. Four Girls and two Boys. Thank goodness for the boys as I raised 2 girls. Boys are different for me but they are oh so fun. I even potty trained one (not a grandson) but forgot to do it with him standing!!! But since he is now a full grown man I am sure he would just as soon have me go back to the real reason I am posting.
I am up north watching my 2 youngest sweet Grand Daughters while Daddy takes Mommy to Vegas for her B-day. I will be a nice Mommy and not tell you which B-day it is.
Now don't they look like Angels?
So, the girls and I have been to Mickey Ds for dinner and had ice cream for breakfast. Spent hours at Funky Monkey, a pizza place with lots of games for little kids. Spent major money on tokens there. Then since you never have enough for the prize they want, I just bought the prize. We have been to the library, park and toy store on the first day I got here. We baked blueberry muffins and made chicken soup, they liked making the soup but neither of them would eat it!!! Even after I told them it was their Mom's fav as a little girl. I pull that trick a lot and sometimes it works but not this time. So that wraps up the first 3 days.
Tomorrow we are going to make cupcakes for a little party the 2 girls are having for Mom when she gets home. They even went shopping for her. I sure hope she likes that Zebra coin purse, multi colored jewel hoop ear rings with matching necklace and the bright pink wood necklace they got her. Oh, yes and the Tinkerbell sunglasses. She is going to have to wear them out of the house a few times. I am sure she well thank me!!!!
They have been busy coloring pictures for her and hanging them on the wall in the kitchen. The oldest one was not sure Mom would want tape on her wall?!@# I am still cleaning the tape off the inside of the closet in her room from when she was a teenager, years ago. Hum, just want to share the fun. But I know where there is extra paint.
We have been having a great time and Monday they both go to school and preschool. So since I have been a very good Grandmother and Mother I am going to take myself shopping for a few new tops since they have a much larger mall here. Maybe even a new pair of shoes. Yes, I have been a very good Grandmother. Just ask my little ones.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Project Completed

This layout is about DDs and SILs cruise they went on in 2009. I am finally done with all the pictures. Geez, does that tell you how far behind I am in being caught up. But then if I was caught up what would I do???? Maybe my wedding pictures. Good plan since that was 42 years ago. This is the year, I promise!!! As soon as I get all the Disney trips scrapped!

This is where I play!!!

This is where I spend a lot of time playing with my scrappy goodies. It connects to another room where my hubby has his laptop and TV. Oh and a daybed which I find him using often. I love this room and the fact that I can have a layout in progress and never have to put it away. Also having hubby in the adjoining room means I never have to feel bad about spending so much time in here.
Now this room was cleaned for the photo. It seldom looks like this. In fact it often looks like a group of 6 years olds have used it for a playground.
My girl friend who is visiting from the East Coast and I have spent a lot of time creating while she is here. Feels like old times again!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shopping and Scrapping

Yesterday my Friend from the East Coast and I spent the day scrapping. Well, we really spent 3 hours at Michael's as she has no stores by her small town. Then we really did scrap. Two pages done and working on another.

We use to scrap together years ago before she moved. She was my partner in crime for shopping too. Maybe I can blame all the stash I have on her. Well, maybe 50% of it!!!! The rest I think I will blame on Megan!

She has the baby bug and got it when it first came out. Now she's in LOVE with the E. Humm, I see a present being ask for. Valentines Day might need to get here faster.

Off to enjoy another day of scrapping and dinner out tonight!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Just catching up on the news with friends. Lots of talking and plans being made. Looks like we age going to be having so much fun. I love showing people around our area.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is a very happy day.

I set up a BLOG, which is a big adventure for me.
And best of all one of my best friends is coming for 2 weeks. We used to see each other all most everyday for years and then she moved away. She not only moved away but she moved clear across the US.

She is a scrapper too. We started together years ago, scrapping and shopping. You know shopping is a important part of any scrappers life. I am sure we will partake in a little shopping.

Cooking was a big part of our time together too, so I know we will do a little of that. It is another
one of my LOVE TO DO things.

Now to finish cleaning the house so I can spend the next 2 weeks playing!!!!!!!!!!