Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home at last

My time with my little ladies is over for a while. All the hugs and bye Grandma made me a little sad to leave. We had so much fun but I so enjoyed a full nights sleep and waking up 9 hours later totally rested. Hey, a Grandmother needs to sleep too. Then I grabbed my coffee and sat down to my lappy.

It was a good morning!!!! Then my lappy gave me the screen of darkness. It would not open Windows no matter what I did. Morning NOT so good now. :(

I talk to my friends online with this, view their projects, get my news, emails and write letters that go snail mail. PLUS there are things to be discovered on the Web especially since CHA had just happened. So there were blogs to catch up on and scrappy goodness to discover. BUT no my Windows ( pun intended) to the world would not open.

I packed up my lappy and took it to the first place I could think of. They said $69 to look at it and it was a software or hard drive problem so it could be another $200 to $400 to fix it and 5 to 7 working days. Then I ask about a new lappy since the other was 4 years old. With the answer, " that is what I would do" I headed off. The first one was perfect, wide screen. a name I knew and half the price this one had been 4 years ago. More memory, more rams, I was sold. WRITE ME UP. But none in stock or out to be delivered. The next machine was $400 more. Was told keep calling next week and maybe they will be in. Save me one? No, just keep calling. Nope not a good plan. Not happy. So I pack my old lappy up and head to another store.

Office Depot, Devon, the tech plugged it in and said it was the processor since it gots so far into opening and then went to the black screen. We talk, I could get a new lappy that was so much faster. And guess what, the same one I looked at before at the other store, same price, and in stock!!! I was sold but now my pics and favs are on one and it is not this one. :(

Devon told me about a $10 part that I could order, where to get it and exactly what it was. I am not the world's best at this knowledge, far far from it. When it arrives he will transfer my data for me. YEA!!! Why?? Because I never backed up my pics or sent them to a pic ordering place. I was going to do it but for a year I had not. I was busy playing catch up with the other 500 pics I ordered to scrap. I will not make that mistake again!!!!!!!!!!! Another YEA, is I have 100s and 100s of fav places saved. I need them.

Now, I need to spend the day loading my program, Family Tree Maker and Cricut Design Studio!! Lets hope this goes well!!!!


Megan said...

look at you blogging like you know what youre doing ;) im impressed!

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