Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disney Magic

I love when Disney Photographers but the little extras in the pictures.  Like Tinkerbell in my youngest Grand Daughters Hand.  I still have tons of Disney pics left to do!!! 

 This paper had lot of fun colors on it that I decided to pull some of them out with the circles along the bottom.  The glitter title is from Cricut Hello Kitty Font cart and the shape on the top left and lower right is cut from Storybook.  I needed a place for the small photo to rest so I came up with the lower right block. 

Now the odd part about this page is that the peach textured paper is made in Africa and was sold at the Scrapbook Expo a few years back.  It is made from elephant dung.  Yep, that is what I said.  I thought the guys was crazy but it is great looking (and it does not smell)  I promise. He also said it was helping the African people by providing work for them.   I am not to sure about that but I will go with it.   It is hard to get any tape to stick to it so I had to use glue.

I need to work on some other theme besides Disney!!!  My pictures have been restored to my new laptop from the old one.  Thank you Office Depot and Devon!  So now I need to work on ordering a bunch of them.


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