Saturday, March 5, 2011

I having been waitting for this!!!!!

I have been praying for these babies for so long!!!!!  I have prayed for their Mommy and Daddy  for even longer!!!!
And now............  I am here!!!!

These  sweet babies were 2 lbs 13 oz and 3lbs 9 oz when they were born!!!!!!!and now they are 16 and 17 lbs.  What a difference 9 months makes.

I have been playing with them all day.  They both can
crawl and make constant baby sounds.  Big boy makes a whole lot of noise!!!!  Sweet girl is pulling up and laughing out loud.  
Mommy and Daddy wanted to know if there was anything we wanted to do while we are here?  Yes, just hang with these sweet miracle babies!!  
I had to use a picture of the babies with one set of their very proud Grandparents.  Pictures of us with them to come!!!!!


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